Agency Detailed Information
Name: Easter Seals Crossroads
Address: 4740 Kingsway Dr
City: Indianapolis State: IN Zip: 46205
Web Site:
Telephone: Local: (317) 466-1000
TTY: (317) 479-3232
Fax: (317) 466-2000
Service Areas
-All Counties
 Services Provided to
People of all ages with vision impairments living in central Indiana. Assistive technology services are available statewide.
 Detailed Services Description
Early Intervention: Provides early intervention services for children with disabilities three years of age and under. Children’s Services: Offers occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, summer camps, and autism services. Employment Services: Provides assessment and job placement services for adults with disabilities seeking employment. Assistive Technology: Serves as a one-stop source for assistive technology needs for all individuals with disabilities. Matches individuals with assistive technology designed to help them succeed with educational, vocational and personal goals. Assists both individuals with disabilities and employers in finding the best kinds of equipment and in finding ways to fund the purchase of that equipment. Provides training and ongoing support. Outreach Programs: Serves individuals in outlying areas, persons with little or no access to programs available in the central Indiana area. Information and Referral: Provides referrals to other community rehabilitation programs. Adult Medical Rehabilitation: Provides occupational therapy rehabilitation services to maintain and enhance the independence of adults with low vision impairments: In-home Low Vision Services and Low Vision Support Group.